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 No more struggling with gooey glue or trying to position your glue-covered eyelash on your eyelid while avoiding getting glue on your natural lashes; with the pen delivery, you have more control over applying it on your eyelid. The result is much less of a mess.
 Regular glue leaves a large amount of clumpy residue on your natural eyelashes as well as your false lashes after wear, reducing the lifespan of your falsies and making for a more difficult makeup removing routine. Lash glue dries cleaner, leaving less residue on your falsies.
1. Shake the pen before use
2. Apply eyeliner 2-3 times , make it thicker at both end. wait for moment eyeliner dry a little bit.
3. Find the correct position , start from inner corner, lashes will stick to the eyeliner, then gently to middle, to end. 
4. Press lash down to set it.